What are 4 types of Skateboarding?

There are 4 main types of skateboarding with traditional popsicle skateboards.

  • Freestyle Skateboarding - One of the oldest styles of skateboarding that originated from a mode of transport in the 1960s. Freestyle skateboarding usually involves music and choreography. It focuses on fluidity and technical skill. This style evolved dramatically in the 1980s when ollies and obstacles where introduced. 
  • Vert Skateboarding - This form of skating is also referred to as pool riding or transitional riding. During the 1970s skaters would ride their skateboards in empty backyard swimming pools.  Skater usually use 55mm and up skateboard wheels with wider decks to get more balance for this type of skating. 
  • Street Skateboarding - It involves stairs, rails, planter boxes, drainage ditches, park benches and other forms of street furniture. It is common to use 55mm wheels or smaller with with narrower decks to make the flips easier. 
  • Park Skateboarding - This type of skating happens in skateparks. Skaters usually have different obstacles to allow for street and vert skating. There are over 2,800 public skateparks in the United States. 
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