How much does a good skateboard cost?

A good Skateboard typically costs $65 - $150. When it come to picking a good quality skateboard here are some thing to focus on and some to avoid. 

  • Deck is made of 7 layered maple wood with good concave. Avoid plywood decks and any maple decks less than 6 layers. 
  • Trucks are light weight and durable. Aluminum trucks are always great. Avoid any sort of plastic trucks. It is never a good idea but you will be surprised how many brands use plastic trucks.
  • Wheels are made of polyurethane and over 95A hardness unless they are cruiser wheels in which case they can be soft but still made out of polyurethane. Avoid plastic wheels unless you want to have the worst skating experience.
  • Bearings are rated Abec 3 and above. Abec 5 - 7 is ideal. Avoid bearings that are abec 1 or have no rating unless they are a professional brand eg. Bones Reds Bearings. Reds bearings are not Abec rated but are very high quality. 
  • The hardware and grip tape are usually descent on most skateboards but you still want to make sure that the grip tape has enough grip and will not wear down after just a few rides
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