Cruisers Vs Street Skateboards

If you're trying to figure out wether you should get a cruiser or a street skateboard there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Is it for recreational use or transportation? - If you plan on using it for transportation a cruiser / longboard is ideal. The soft large wheels absorb the cracks and pebbles that you will surely encounter. If your answer was recreational then either skateboard would be fine.
  • Do you plan on doing tricks or just cruising? - If you plan or doing tricks cruisers / longboards are not an option. You are very limited on the amount of tricks you can do with cruisers / longboards. You will need to buy a street skateboard and if you're new to skating a size 8" wide is recommended.
  • Are you a beginner or experienced? - If you are a beginner a cruiser / longboard is much easier to learn on. The deck and wheels are usually larger making balancing much easier. Although if you want to learn tricks a street skateboard is the way to go!
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I wanted to go downhill so I went straight to a drop through longboard. Cant really imagine trying to skate downhill on a regular board with my skills lol.


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