Can you teach yourself to skateboard?

People always wonder is it hard to learn how to skateboard? Can adults learn how to skateboard? Skateboarding is not difficult to learn. There are just a few basics that all skaters need to know and adults can definitely learn how to skateboard. Wearing protective gear when learning is recommended. 

  • Start by determining what stance you prefer goofy, regular or mongo. ( Goofy - Right foot front ) ( Regular - Left foot front ) ( Mongo - Either foot in back ) The best way to figure out your stance is by testing them all out on flat ground. With the goofy and regular stances you will be pushing with your back foot and always have your front foot on the board. With the mongo stance you will be pushing with your front foot and always have your back foot on the board. If you are hesitant to get on the board because you are not confident in your balancing skills start by learning how to balance on the skateboard while it is on grass. 
  • Practice pushing off on the skateboard. Now that you have determined your stance and area able to balance yourself it is time to learn how to push while balancing. Make sure you do this where it is flat ground. Avoid learning how to skate on a hill because that can be very dangerous. Make sure when you are kicking off your foot on not on the nose or tail of the board because that can cause you to fall.  If you are hesitant because you thing you will fall try to skate in a flat area by the part where there is grass around so you have a soft area in case you do fall.
  • Time to learn your first trick, and ollie! This is the most basic and fundamental trick required to advance to spins, flips, grinds and more. It is common to practice this on soft surfaces like grass and carpet where the board will not move so much. When you can comfortably ollie on soft surfaces you can move on to attempting it on concrete and eventually doing this while the skateboard is moving. We also recommend viewing tutorial videos on how to do ollies on YouTube. After you are comfortable doing ollies you can move on to pop shov-its, kick flips, and many more following the same steps. 
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Self taught skaters are usually the best ones. I think that applies to everything in life. When you teach yourself you do better because you may even come up with new tricks. Although as far as the fundamentals go i do think its a good idea to get those down first


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